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About us

We get a lot of inquiries as to why we chose the name Protagonist for our restaurant. We have worked in the restaurant industry for decades. Over the years there isn’t a role in a restaurant that one of us hasn’t held. That offers us a unique perspective to be able to truly empathize with anyone on our staff. Most of the years have been great, we just kept learning and growing. And then, COVID hit and eviscerated our industry. In the aftermath of this devastating pandemic we watched too many places shutter their windows.

Protagonist as a name, started as a little joke. Then we started to take it seriously. We want the hero’s tale to be the restaurant itself. The restaurant is the protagonist in the story of what’s happened to our industry. While restaurants closed permanently, including our predecessor in this space, we want to bring new life and energy to the community.

We aim to offer kind hospitality, good food, good drinks, and a space for the community to gather. We’d love to be on this journey with you.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for welcoming us. Thanks for supporting the hero’s journey.